Investment Plan Submission Steps

The steps below describe the process of submitting an investment plan to the Recovery and Resilience Fund:

Business Plan Preparation

Step 1

Preparation of the necessary supporting documents & supporting material of the investment plan.

Step 2

Evaluation of the eligibility of the investment plan from the Bank, where its examined:

  • 1. Investment plan completeness
  • 2. Business borrowing eligibility from the RFF
  • 3. The eligibility of the investment plan according to the excluded activities
  • 4. The eligibility of the investment plan according to the eligible expenses
  • 5. That eligible investments have a positive net present value
    The final decision for financing is made, based on the internal Bank credit policies

Step 3

The Bank submits to the Independent Auditor both the loan application file of the company as well as the summary report that includes the conclusion of its pre-evaluation.

The Independent Auditor then conducts a thorough eligibility audit of the Investment Plan and submits its evaluation report back to the Bank.

Step 4

The Bank confirms or revises its initial approval, according to the report of the Independent Auditor and:

  • either proceeds with the implementation of its initial pre - approval or
  • requests from the investor additional supporting documents and / or clarifications and for any modifications of the investment plan, in order to repeat the evaluation process again.

Step 5

Final Approval by the Bank and financing of the investment plan