easypay POINT

Piraeus Bank has implemented the most innovative solutions in the Greek market so that you can offer a number of “traditional” as well as more innovative value added services, thus increasing the foot traffic in your store, offer and generate new income sources.

What is the easypay PΟΙΝΤ service?

Through the easypay POINT service your business will be offering the bill payment facility and more services to your customers. Piraeus Bank can provide you with the necessary hardware & software needed to implement the service. Specifically, through the use of an epay POS terminal equipped with a barcode reader you can execute a bill payment transaction quickly and easy, receiving by your customer the bill amount plus commission by cash or VISA / MASTERCARD card (debit, credit, prepaid). Instantly, a receipt is issued for your customer providing him with the confidence of transacting through Piraeus Bank’s network.

Available billers

Currently the Bank supports the most popular bill payments in the Greek market in the fields of Electricity, Water supply, Telco’s, Mobile Operators, Natural Gas, Cable TV, Insurances, Tax payments.

Piraeus Bank will be constantly adding new and innovative services that will attract more customers to your business and will ensure you with a strong competitive advantage.