Letters of Guarantee for Businesses

At your request Piraeus Bank can issue Tender/Bid Guarantees, Performance Guarantees, Payment Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, or other types of Guarantees such as Loan LGs, Maintenance LGs etc, to secure your business legal contractual or financial obligations to third parties.

To discuss your individual case and get all the necessary information, for the issue of a Letter of Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, counter guarantees, visit one of our branches.

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When will you need a Letter of Guarantee

Some of the most typical cases for issuing a Letter of Guarantee are:

  • Your business participates in tenders to procure supplies or undertake projects
  • Your business must undertake proper performance of the obligations arising from awarded tenders or any other legal contractual obligation to third parties
  • Your business receives an advance payment for assigned tasks
  • Your business must prove that it will be able to pay any kind of legal obligations to third parties