Structured Deposits

"Dynamic Return Deposits" is the branded series of structured deposits issued by Piraeus Bank that provides the probability of enhanced returns based on the performance in a variety underlying assets (e.g. foreign exchange, commodity markets, stock indices etc) without any risk on the initial capital.


  • Capital protection
    Your initial capital is protected in full throughout the term of the deposit, regardless of the performance of the underlying asset.
  • Minimum Interest Yield
    Depending on the issue, you may receive a minimum predetermined yield, which is not affected by the performance of the underlying asset.
  • Enhanced returns
    You may receive enhanced returns which are significantly higher than those of simple time deposits. The payout of the higher return depends on the fulfillment of a predefined condition, which is related to the performance of the underlying asset.
  • Minimum deposit amount of €10.000
  • Option of early redemption
    You are recommended to hold the structured deposit until the maturity date. If however you need your money earlier, you may apply for an early redemption. In that case, you will receive your initial capital without any return.
  • Short term deposit
    "Dynamic Return Deposits" are usually offered for short term durations (3 to 6 months), but occasionally may have longer tenor.