E- Invoices

From 5/7/2023 onwards, Piraeus Bank will be able to deliver to all business clients their invoices from their transactions with the Bank in an electronic format by either uploading them on their winbank account or by sending them via e-mail.

Following the implementation of the Electronic Books (MyData) of AADE, Piraeus Bank will provide a new service, “E-Invoices, through which all business clients will have at their disposal all invoices from their transactions with the Bank, in an electronic format, through winbank web banking*, in an organized manner and within the deadline imposed by AADE. As an alternative and if you have officially declared your e-mail address to the Bank, your invoices will be forwarded to this address.

How does it work

If you are registered at winbank web banking, your invoice will appear on the page “E-invoices” where you will also have at your disposal several available functionalities including search criteria, digital archiving and printing.

More specifically, if you are a legal or public entity please follow the path Winbank Home Page> Piraeus Cash> E-Invoices and

if you are an individual company please follow the path Winbank Home Page> Other Products> E-Invoices

If you are not registered at winbank and you have declared your e-mail account to the Bank, you will automatically receive your invoice in your e-mail account.

If your contact details are not updated and you are not registered at winbank you can easily register now for free by clicking on OnlineRegistration (winbank.gr) (online registration for self-employed workers and individual companies).

For your registration at winbank (legal entities) or the official communication of your e-mail to the Bank you should schedule an appointment with the branch of your convenience.

Otherwise, you can visit any of our Branches and ask for a copy of your invoice with an extra charge aw indicated in the Pricing List of the Bank.

Service Advantages

  • Invoices available instantly
  • Specifically, for clients registered at winbank
  • Digital archiving for 5 years from the date of issue of each invoice
  • Flexible invoice search

Who is concerned

The service is provided to legal entities and individual companies and concerns their transactions with Bank.

*Concerns only registered clients to winbank web banking