Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios

Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios, a modern and comprehensive asset management proposal.

What are Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios?

The Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios range is a new Piraeus Bank investment proposal that forms the core of our Discretionary Management service. It consists of 13 investment portfolios of predefined equity holdings in Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C funds and covers a wide range of investment options and risk profiles (from Conservative to Aggressive). In addition, it gives you the option to determine the geographic area you wish to invest choosing from the following three categories:

  • Greek focus: investing in the Greek Market
  • Euro focus: investing in the European Market
  • Global focus: investing in International Markets

Piraeus Bank works in cooperation with Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C (a Piraeus Bank company), who acts as portfolio manager of Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios and aims to maximize the benefits of professional knowledge and high expertise.

Qualified executives continually evaluate with full transparency the allocation of each portfolio investment and perform a regular (every six months) or ad hoc (if necessary) rebalancing to maintain its predefined risk characteristics.

Purchase - Monitoring via Branch

In cooperation with your Personal Banking Advisor, you will determine your investment profile and choose the Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolio that meets your personal needs and investment goals. By investing in a Piraeus Optimum portfolio, you get an upgraded level of information about your investments.

Via a scheduled appointment, your Personal Banking Advisor will give you a complete update of your investment portfolio progress:

  • Valuation and performance data
  • Transaction details
  • Historical valuation charts
  • Portfolio investment allocation charts

In addition, you can easily get a quick snapshot of your investment portfolio at any time via winbank web banking and quarterly you receive a statement with detailed information on your investments.

Purchase - Monitoring via winbank web banking

Alternatively, you have the opportunity to open, in a few minutes online, your own investment portfolio ''Piraeus Optimum'', without having to visit the branch via winbank web banking, as well as to carry out the full range of available features and transactions:

  • Re-participation
  • Portfolio Monitoring (transaction history, valuations, etc.)
  • Partial Liquidation
  • Total Liquidation (Portfolio Redemption)

In any way you choose to acquire your own investment portfolio "Piraeus Optimum" you can easily and directly monitor all the transactions made in your portfolios, through the confirmation of mutual fund orders [e-confirmation] from winbank's e-statement service. Moreover, quarterly, you receive a statement with detailed information on your investments.

Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios advantages

  • Access to Discretionary Management Services requiring a small initial capital
  • Broad diversification across all investment categories leading to lower investment risk
  • Multiple choices depending on the investor’s geographical preferences (Greece, Europe or International Markets)
  • Portfolios for all investment profiles (Conservative, Defensive, Balanced, Potential- Development)
  • Continuous and professional management by market experts
  • Liquidity, security, transparency, under the protection of the Legal and Regulatory framework for Mutual Funds
  • Access to different asset classes at a lower cost without requiring a high initial amount
  • Αbility to trade 24/7 in winbank web banking, easily, directly and securely

Questions & Answers

Can I choose more than one portfolio?

Yes. There is no restriction either on the number of portfolios or on the individual categories (Greek, European, and International Markets). The only limitation is that you have to invest in portfolios with the same or lower risk than your investment profile.

What is the minimum initial capital and the subscription fee?

The minimum initial capital is €5.000. If you wish to reinvest in the same portfolio, the minimum amount is €1.000. The subscription fee (original and add on) is zero.

When does the Administrator rebalance a portfolio?

The regular rebalancing (the return of funds to the initially predetermined asset allocation) takes place every six months, with reference to the date of first participation. In addition, the portfolio manager (Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C) may make an emergency rebalancing of the portfolio when it deems necessary. Portfolio rebalancing is free of charge.

When can I liquidate my portfolio?

You can request a partial or total liquidation of your portfolio at any time. The minimum partial redemption amount is €1.000 and the redemption commission is zero. Partial redemption is a proportional liquidation of shares in all of the portfolio mutual funds, based on its current value.

Can I switch my portfolio to another?

No. It is not possible to switch your portfolio to another. You will have to make a total redemption of your portfolio and then invest the amount into the new portfolio of your choice.