Investment Services

Piraeus Bank’s Discretionary Management and Execution Only investment services offer you the opportunity to create your own investment portfolios based on your knowledge and experience in investing and the level of personal involvement you desire.

Discretionary Management

ΑIt aims primarily at investors who do not have the necessary specialized knowledge and time to continuously monitor financial markets and manage their investment portfolio.

Through our Discretionary Management service, you assign your investment portfolio to market experts and thereby ensure that the proper and timely actions occur so that your portfolio remains consistent with your investment profile and goals.

Piraeus Bank provides easy access to Discretionary Management services, requiring only a small initial investment of capital, through its range of “Piraeus Optimum Investment Portfolios”.

Execution only

ΑIt aims primarily at investors who have the knowledge, experience, time and willingness to make their own investment decisions either at the initial stages of asset allocation or at the subsequent phase of managing the assets in the portfolio.

Piraeus Bank provides a wide range of investments (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds and Special Investment Products) to create your own personalized investment portfolio and cover any investment need.

You can choose from a range of comprehensive investment options provided by Piraeus Asset Management M.F.M.C, a company of the Piraeus Bank Group with long-standing experience in managing assets.

Alternatively, you can select a fund from our extensive range of more than 1,200 mutual funds offered by top, internationally acclaimed, investment firms that provide access to a number of asset classes, geographical regions or investment themes.