We recognise how important it is to provide a website accessible to all users. That’s why we are constantly striving to find solutions for our customers to make their lives easier.

Where possible, we follow the standards set by W3C and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the advice of people experienced in using screen readers.

Our sole design principle is ‘Design for All’. This has allowed us to provide an easy-to-read website that uses specific colour combinations, a clear font and easily legible font size.

Tips for surfing the website

  • Use shortcuts. We have added shortcuts at the top of our pages that allow you to bypass the menus. There is also a shortcut to the search box and to the website’s accessibility principles
  • Surf using the headings. The website is structured to allow you to use the screen reader shortcuts to surf from heading to heading
  • We describe images. All images are coupled with text that can be easily read by the screen reader
  • Links refer users to the correct places. We do not use ‘click here’
  • The colour combinations used help achieve contrasts that are easier on the eye. If you don’t like the basic colour scheme, there are 2 other options you can choose from
  • If the font is not suitable, you can change the size without affecting page format


For anyone familiar with WCAG standards, we have implemented level A and are aiming for level AA.