Digital Onboarding

Start your banking relationship from your mobile phone.

Get a bank account, debit card and Piraeus e-banking, from wherever you are.

With Piraeus Bank's new service, Digital Onboarding for Individuals, you can easily and quickly start your banking relationship from your mobile phone.

Get a deposit account for your daily needs, a Piraeus Debit card for your daily transactions and Piraeus e-banking access codes to use Piraeus Bank's digital channels, without visiting a branch with ease and security from the comfort of your home.

Download new Piraeus app

Who can use the service

  • Individuals
  • From 18 years and above
  • Greek citizens
  • With Identity Card
  • Owners of Taxisnet codes, with updated information to the EMEp (National Register of Citizens Communication)

Advantages of the service

  • The process is completed through the mobile phone from wherever you are
  • It takes only 15 minutes
  • You are not required to upload ID or DEKO account (public utility bill) for your identification
  • Your identification is done through a video call with a Bank representative
  • It also supports sign language

How to become a customer?

Download the Piraeus app, from the Google Play Store / App Store and select "register" to take the first step for your new banking relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will I receive my card?

The issued debit card will be sent to the home address you provided during the process. The Pin will be sent to you at the same address, in a separate registered mail.


Can I open an account if I am not liable for a Tax Declaration?

Yes, you can become a Digital Onboarding customer, but you will need to complete the relevant Declaration of Responsibility (after the process) with the reason you are not liable and submit it, as soon as possible, in one of our Branches or online at Piraeus e-banking. 


What happens if the process is interrupted?

If the process is interrupted at any point you can restart the process within 12 hours. Your progress is saved, and you pick up where you left off. After 12 hours, you can start the process again, but from the beginning.

Why can't I continue after e-Gov authentication?

Possible reasons that do not allow the completion of the initiation of your banking relationship through Digital Onboarding service.

  • You are an underage
  • You have a residential address outside Greece
  • Indications appear that you are not taxed exclusively in Greece
  • You are already a Piraeus Bank customer
  • Your e-Gov details are invalid or are incomplete

Videocall with Bank’s representative

Why is the video call step mandatory?

The video call is necessary, according to the respective regulatory instructions for remote electronic identification, aiming to open an account from the mobile phone.

Can I help a familiar person in the video call?

In case that 2 people appear in the video call (e.g., grandson / grandfather - child/ parent) if it is not clear for the identified person that he has legal capacity (e.g. lack of sanity/ difficulty in communication/ reduced perception) then the identification cannot be continued. If the second person does not interfere with the answers of the person to be identified and assists in the process, the identification continues normally.