Remote Banking Service

Piraeus Bank offers you the unique experience of a comprehensive remote service through video conferencing!

Having as our first priority the satisfaction of your needs from wherever you may be, we have created a new way for you to communicate, receive information and acquire banking products. Now, it is easy, quick and simple to obtain the product* you want, safely without having to visit a Piraeus Bank branch.


This innovative way of service saves you time for your banking transactions, which you can perform easily and safely, as if you were in a bank branch.

With the help of your Personal Advisor you can receive guidance on your transactions, a tour of the products and services of Piraeus Bank, and you can also proceed to purchase the solution* that suits you, without ever visiting a bank branch.

The new Remote Service offers you:

  • Direct and personalized communication with your Personal Advisor
  • Acquisition of banking products from anywhere (the products that are currently supported are insurances and investments)
  • Service without visiting a bank branch
  • Transactions with absolute security utilizing your digital signature
  • Simple and fast procedures for obtaining banking products

What you need is:

  • your active credentials for winbank web banking. If you are not yet registered, you can sign up on-line, by clicking here.
  • the MS Teams application installed on your computer, or mobile

So, with one click, your Personal Advisor will be on your screen and you will complete all the necessary steps together, easily, quickly and safely.

Contact your Personal Advisor to schedule your next appointment through the MS Teams application.

If you are not a Personal Banking Customer, you can find more information about it here

* Refers to insurance and investment products

Piraeus Financial Holdings SA, as an insurance intermediary, carries out the activity of distribution of insurance products, in the name and on behalf of the insurance companies with which it maintains cooperation.