Now Fitbit & Piraeus Bank support every step you take!

Have you forgot your wallet or even your smartphone at home? No problem! Now you can make purchases with Piraeus Bank Visa & Mastercard® cards using only your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker.

What do you need?

  • Visa or Mastercard® active card (debit, credit, prepaid)
  • Fitbit PayTM supported device
  • Store or location that enables contactless payments

How to add a card

1. Open the "Fitbit" application on your phone and navigate to your watch or tracker settings

2. Tap "Wallet" and follow the on-screen instructions to add your card, which include the creation of a 4 digit passcode which will be used for your purchases

3. Complete the process by entering to the app the One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive by SMS on the mobile phone which you have declared to the Bank

Now everything is ready for you to pay using just your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is exactly Fitbit PayTM?

Fitbit PayTM feature allows you to make payments, at terminals (POS) which provide for contactless payments technology, with your cards, using your Fitbit smartwatch and Tracker devices that support Fitbit PayTM, easily and securely.

Are my payments safe?

Feel safe when making a purchase, as a specific digital number (token) is assigned to your card once it is registered in Fitbit PayTM. Your card details (card number, expiration, CVV) are never stored on your device and they will not be shared with merchants.

Please note that the unique digital number (token) used for your Fitbit PayTM transactions is printed on the POS receipt.

Adding Cards

How can I add a card to Fitbit PayTM?

You can easily add your card in Fitbit PayTM through the "Fitbit" application by selecting "wallet" and following the instructions on your screen. During the process of adding your card you will be asked to create a 4-digit passcode, which will be used for your purchases. The process is completed by entering in the "Fitbit" application the unique OTP code that you will receive on the mobile phone that you have declared to the Bank.

For more details click here.

How do I manage my card to Fitbit PayTM?

See detailed instructions on how to manage your Fitbit PayTM cards here.

If you want to remove a card from Fitbit PayTM and then add it again you will need to repeat the process of adding your card.


Can I view my recent Fitbit PayTM transactions?

Yes. You can view your last transactions made with Fitbit PayTM, on the Fitbit App menu “Transactions” on your device, for each of your cards. No transaction information will be visible on the watch.


I cannot complete the process of adding my card; what can I do?

In case you are unable to complete the process of adding your card to Fitbit PayTM, or you have not received the unique OTP code via SMS, you should remove the card from the Fitbit wallet and repeat the process. If you are having trouble verifying your card, make sure you’re entering all the required information correctly.

In case you still cannot complete the process, you can contact Customer Service at 210 3288000.

My Fitbit smartwatch was lost/stolen; what should I do?

If your watch is lost or stolen, you can suspend or delete your cards from the Fitbit App on your phone. These options are available in the Fitbit wallet menu and can be selected without the watch nearby. If your smartphone is also lost/stolen you can visit dashboard.

See detailed instructions on how to manage your Fitbit PayTM cards here.

Alternatively, if you had Piraeus Bank cards registered in Fitbit PayTM on your device, contact Customer Service at 210 3288000.

What happens if my Fitbit device is replaced?

You will need to reset the Fitbit device to its original factory settings in order to delete the cards in Fitbit PayTM. Then you need to repeat the process of adding a card to Fitbit PayTM at your new Fitbit device.

See detailed instructions here.