Piraeus Bank launches in selected branches of its network the pilot phase of a new service, e-Signature,for the electronic signing of documents and contracts.

How does it work

Each time you need to sign a document or a new contract, all you need now is to digitally sign through a special technology in a tablet and on a single electronic copy of your contract.

The employee of the Bank will ask you to sign the electronic version of your contract on the tablet lying on his office. You will need to sign only once, on the last page of the document or the contract, with the tablet pen you will have been provided with. You then have the option to receive a printed copy of the document you signed or be sent a copy to your email.

In this way, prints and signatures in multiple copies of a contract are avoided. You also contribute to environmental protection, reduction of paper waste and environmental footprint of Piraeus Bank. The new service is available as a pilot in 458 branches while it will soon be available through the whole Bank branch network.

Of course, if you prefer, you may carry on being serviced as before. You can sign a printed version of your documents and contracts and take a hard copy of them with you.



Your signature is only used in the document you signed for and nowhere else. It cannot be copied or used in another document. The electronic documents you sign are protected and kept in absolute safety. In order to offer you the greatest possible protection, Piraeus Bank has been certified by the Intesa S.p.a.- IBM Company regarding data cryptography with sole purpose the esigning of documents.


You do not have to sign on each page of your contract or on multiple copies of the same contract. You only sign on the last page of the single electronic copy of the document that the employee will provide to the special tablet of the branch.


You complete your application faster and reduce the time you stay in the branch. Additionally, the processing of your request starts at the same moment!


You can keep an electronic file of all your contracts and applications to your email.

Protection of the environment

Electronic signature helps the environment. We save about 30,000,000 sheets of paper a year, a quantity equivalent to 3.600 trees.

More information

Find here the closest branch where the e-Signature service is offered and visit us to experience a new way of banking and customer service.