Transaction Split into Installments with Debit Card

The new alternative and flexible way of repayment in installments with your Debit Card!

Now, Piraeus Bank gives you the opportunity to convert in installments transactions you have made with your debit card, with the new service “Transaction Split into Installments”, provided through winbank.

Use Piraeus Bank Debit Cards for your transactions, submit your request and pay them off up to 6 interest free monthly installments easily and quickly.

The service is offered for purchases and service payments over €50 that you have made within the last 30 days.

Facility and safety!

Online and in simple steps, through winbank web banking & winbank mobile app, you can split into installments your debit card transactions.

  • Prerequisite to use the new service is to be a registered winbank user.

How to split your transactions into installments

Login to winbank with your credentials & select in the following order:

  • «Cards» on the main menu
  • «Debit Cards»
  • «Transaction Split into Installments»
  • The transaction you wish to split via the selection Available Transactions
  • The number of installments

Frequently Asked Questions


I am not registered in winbank. What should I do?

Your can register in winbank web banking online, easily, with no more than 3 steps. Just click here and follow the instructions.

In order to complete your online registration, you must know your Debit Card’s PIN number and possess the mobile phone you have declared at the Bank. Online registration in winbank is free of charge.

Alternatively, you can just visit a branch and complete your registration in winbank web banking with a fee such as defined at the Bank's Purchasing Invoice.

If you are not a customer of the Bank, you can register in winbank online through the Digital Onboarding service.

What is the maximum amount I can request to split into installments?

"Transaction Split into Installments" is provided for payments of purchases and services of €50 or more with your debit card and with a maximum loan amount of €500. For example, you have the possibility to request to split a transaction worth €1,000, in 2 installments, as long as it is the first time you are requesting a conversion, or you have paid in full any previous split debts.

For your convenience, in the tab "Available Transactions" for splitting in winbank, are displayed only the eligible for conversion transactions.

Is there any limit to the number of installments I can request?

You have the option to split transactions in up to 6 installments. When submitting your request and selecting the number of installments, you can see the maximum number of installments you can ask for, based on the transaction value and the available funding limit, as determined by transactions split into installments that have already performed or still pending.

How is the Transaction Split into Installments carried out?

When submitting your request through winbank, you select the number of installments to repay your transaction. If your request is approved, the purchase amount minus the amount of the 1st payment is credited. The amount of the 1st payment which is actually the first of the installments you requested is directly covered by your own capital, as the transaction has already debited/holded, while the remaining amount related to the credit amount is provided through a loan which you then repay in equal interest-free monthly installments via the main account linked to your debit card.

The loan is granted based on the Bank's current applicable credit criteria.

What happens after I submit my request?

As soon as the Bank receives your request, it proceeds with its evaluation and you receive a notification of its result via SMS to your mobile phone and notification to winbank.

When is the procedure "Transaction Split into Installments" completed?

Once your request is accepted by the Bank, you must sign within 5 calendar days, the loan agreement with an approved electronic signature for which the issuance of an Approved Certificate of One-time Electronic Signature is required. This certificate is provided to you free of charge by an Approved Trust Service Provider cooperating with the Bank at the time you are asked to sign the contract.

After signing the contract and once your purchase has been settled, the loan amount will be credited and you will receive from the Bank in your e-mail (please check your junk emails also) the contract forms, which will also be available at winbank.

When is the loan amount credited?

The crediting of the amount takes place on working days for the Bank from 08:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The funds are automatically credited to the main account linked to your debit card.

How are the installments been paid?

If your request is approved, the loan amount is credited to the main account linked to your debit card, which is the total purchase amount reduced by the amount of the 1st payment. The amount of the 1st payment corresponds to the first of the installments you requested and is covered immediately by you with your own capital, as soon as the request to split the transaction into installments is completed. The remaining payments will be made in equal monthly installments, the first of which will be paid 1 month from the date on which the loan amount is credited. Next installments will be paid on the corresponding date of each month following the date of payment of the 1st installment. Repayment is made by charging the main account linked to your debit card.

In any case, you will receive the relevant repayment plan in your email.

Are the amounts of the installments equal to each other?

In case that you apply for a transaction that has been approved but not settled, the amount of the 1st payment that will be covered directly by you may be differentiated, based on the amount that will result when your transaction is settled. In any case, the loan amount that will be credited does not change, as any difference (either positive or negative) will be counted in the 1st payment and will not affect the amount of your loan installments.

In which case do I incur interest and at what rate?

For the split of a transaction into installments, there is no interest charge except in case of late payment of any installment, where a late payment interest of 2.5% applies, plus a levy of 0.60% of Law 128/75 on overdue amounts in accordance with the provisions in the terms of the Agreement.

I can’t see the transaction, which I want to split into installments, in the available transactions. Why?

For your convenience, only transactions that can be converted are shown in "Available Transactions". Using the filters you should select the debit card which the transaction was made and in the Transaction type, all transactions should be selected. If no transactions appear, it is possible that 30 days have passed since the transaction was made, or you do not have a limit available for a new split, or something has been changed in the account linked to your card.

Which transactions can I request to split into installments?

You can request to split payments for purchases of goods or services into installments, whether they are made at a physical POS or electronically, with the exception of cash withdrawals, which have already been carried out in installments or have already been requested to be splited into installments, fractions of installments, transactions that have already been reversal, transactions carried out in gambling enterprises, exchanges, credit and non-credit institutions, money transfer, charging, debt repayment management enterprises, as well as transactions carried out in activities of contracts, securities and goods, financial services, fund management, money markets and Monetary Intermediation Organizations.