Custody Securities Services

Piraeus Bank Custody Services covers efficiently the entire range of your stock exchange transactions at the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), Derivatives Exchange (ADEX) and foreign stock markets. These services are available to both private and Institutional Investors (Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, foreign Institutional Investors, Private Banking, Investment Services Firms, Banks etc.) and companies listed in ATHEX

How you benefit

Integrated Services

The Piraeus Bank Custody Department relies on advanced systems and best practices to cover all the spectrum of your transactions: 

  • Securities safekeeping
  • Disposition and redemption of securities
  • Settlement and closing of exchange transactions
  • Dividend and coupon collection
  • Corporate actions

Efficient management through advanced technology

The Piraeus Bank Custody Securities Services rely on advanced systems which efficiently manage large volumes of transactions. Best practices are in place to ensure high quality services, minimise potential errors and reduce operating costs.

Flexible, fast and secure

The Piraeus Bank Security Custody Department possesses a vast knowledge of the market. Its interface is streamlined to settle your securities transactions fast and securely

Range of services

Securities safekeeping

Securities safekeeping includes:

  • Securities account opening
  • Opening and management of the investor share and securities account in the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS)
  • Securities deposition and redemption
  • Securities blocking and unblocking

It applies to:

  • Physical securities safeguarded by Piraeus Bank
  • Opening and management of the investor share and securities account in the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS)
  • Dematerialised securities in central depositories, such as Hellenic Exchanges SA, Bank of Greece, etc.
  • Foreign stock market securities, such as Euroclear

Clearing and Settlement of transactions in the Athens Exchange

Piraeus Bank Custody System is online with the Dematerialised Securities System of Hellenic Exchanges SA and is streamlined to settle buy and sell orders automatically. This way the system can receive, process and export electronic files with advanced procedures and minimim errors.

Disposition and redemption of securities

Piraeus Bank is a Primary Dealer in the Secondary Securities Market for Greek Government Securities. To carry out all your transactions, the Custody Services Department uses a sophisticated system that monitors Bonds and Interest- Bearing Notes issued by the Greek Treasury or other issuers.

Dividend and coupon collection

Through its Custody Securities Services Department, Piraeus Bank receives and automatically credits your account with dividends on the same day they are paid. Moreover, it monitors the maturity dates of your bond coupons and credits your account with the relevant amounts.

Corporate actions

The Piraeus Bank Custody Securities Services Department monitors all corporate actions on a daily basis. It can also act as your proxy in General Meetings, Share Capital Increases and Public Offerings. It immediately registers to your account any new shares issued due to a corporate action, such as distribution of bonus shares, public offerings, etc.