One Off Transactions Split into Installments with Credit Card

Use Piraeus Bank Credit Cards for your transactions and pay them in up to 12 monthly installments easily and quickly, through winbank.

Piraeus Bank gives you the opportunity to split, one off transactions into installments with your credit card, via the service “Transactions Split into Installments”.

The service is offered for one-off purchases and service payments over €30 that you have made within the last 30 days.

Learn more about the detailed terms of the service here

How do you split one-off transactions into installments?

Login to winbank with your credentials & select in the following order:

  • Credit Card transactions or your credit card
  • The service “Transaction Split into Installments”, at “Related Services” (into web)
  • The transaction you wish to convert into installments (using the filters)
  • The number of monthly installments

Facility and safety!

  • You can split into installments your transactions in simple steps online through winbank web banking & winbank app.
  • A prerequisite to use the service is to be a registered winbank user.

One Off Transactions Split into Installments via
winbank app

One Off Transactions Split into Installments via
winbank web banking

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not registered user in winbank. What should I do?

Your registration at winbank web banking can be now fulfilled online, easily, with no more than 3 steps. Just click here and follow the instructions.

If you prefer you can register through the winbank mobile app (download free through Google Play or App Store). In order to complete your online registration, you must know your Debit Card’s PIN number and possess the mobile phone you declared at the Bank. Online registration in winbank is free of charge.

Alternatively, you can just visit a branch in order to complete your registration on winbank web banking with a fee such as defined at the Bank's Purchasing Invoice.

Is there a charge for using the service?

The fee per installment is €0.30, excluding the cases are offered free of charge, such as fuel purchases ≥ €300 as well as payment of Vehicle Taxes, Special Fee for Arbitrary Buildings Control, Single Special Arbitrary Buildings Fee & Natural Gas bills that have been paid in full via winbank.

The fee is charged in its entirety (Χ installments * 0,30€) upon the charging of the 1st installment and is distinctly depicted in the copy of your card’s monthly bill. In any case, before completing the request, you are notified of the installments service fee.

I do not see the transaction, which I want to convert into installments, at eligible transactions, even though it meets all the conversion requirements. Why?

You must use the filters and select the credit card with which the transaction was made and then select the type of transaction. Eligible transactions are divided into “Current Transactions” (settled transactions but not included in monthly statement), “Authorizations” (approved transactions but not cleared) and “Last Statement Transactions” (settled transactions and included in statement).

In which case do I incur interest?

In case the monthly debit balance from the use of the card, as shown in the monthly statement, is not fully and timely paid on the stipulated payment date, it will be charged in full with interest in accordance with the terms of the Credit Card Provision Agreement.

When the conversion is completed?

The request for conversion of your transaction in installments is completed within the next working day, with a value date at the date of conversion request, if it is a settled transaction. If the transaction is not settled when you make the request, it will be completed within the next working day after its settlement.

Are the installment amounts equal to each other?

As it happens when you choose installments directly to the merchant, the last installment may slightly differ from the others due to rounding. There is no extra charge, if you add up all the installment amounts the result is exactly equal to the amount of the one-off transaction.