epay One-Click-Pay (tokenization service)

Now, with the new epay One-Click-Pay service, for even faster and more secure transactions with a single click

The epay One-Click-Pay service is one of the most comprehensive card tokenization platforms in the European market for Payment Service Providers (PSPs). It has been developed entirely by Piraeus Bank, following a research of the global market and the e-commerce customer needs, by integrating best-of-breed features which may not be found gathered in any other platform. The epay One-Click-Pay platform allows a business which is active in the field of e-commerce to offer to its clients the option of completing a sale "with a single click". The service is ideal for businesses with e-Shops and mobile applications that accept recurring payments by their users/clients, thus facilitating them so that in subsequent transactions they will not need to type the card details anew.

How does it operate

During the first transaction of the client on the e-Shop a unique number (token) is created, which corresponds to this card. In this way the company saves this number instead of sensitive payment card information. The token is unique and cannot be used for transactions with any other e-Shop (even if intercepted), while the card details are saved in a secure Piraeus Bank environment, thus facilitating the authentication according to the PCI DSS standard.

When the client returns to the e-Shop for a new transaction, there is no need to register the card again. In this way the client experience is greatly improved since he immediately and easily performs the transaction.


Piraeus Bank has been awarded for the epay One-Click-Pay service in the category "E-Commerce Platforms / Development" under the e-volution awards 2014 (Silver).