Recovery & Resilience Fund

The Recovery and Sustainability Fund (RFF) is the focus of the Next Generation EU (NGEU), which, in conjunction with the Structural Funds, is a comprehensive resource allocation package to support the Union's economies.

The Fund's primary objective is to fill the significant gap in investment, national product and employment, and the inherent performance of the Greek economy during the last decade that has deteriorated even more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

RRF loans are intended to finance investments that fall under the following five pillars of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: a) Green Transition, b) Digital Transformation, c) Innovation - Research & Development, d) Business Scale Up and e) Extroversion.

Piraeus Bank participates in the Recovery & Resilience Fund (RFF) with the aim of strengthening Greek companies, emphasizing the green transition & digital transformation, the extroversion of companies and the creation of new jobs.

Call for participation in the Recovery & Resilience Fund

From 1/6/2022 the use of the platform becomes mandatory for all investors to upload their investment plans and by selecting Piraeus Bank following their registration process. The platform can be accessed following the link below:

Greece uses the resources of RRF in order to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “ Greece 2.0” with the financing of the European Union-Next Generation EU through which loans are granted to finance the investments projects of companies.


Recovery & Resilience Fund (RRF)

The Main Pillars


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