Financial solutions based on Environment, Society, Governance (ESG) criteria

Piraeus Bank's goal is to be the pillar of stability for the Greek economy, to enhance growth and promote innovation for the benefit of its customers, to provide returns to our investors and to add value to the environment and people in society.

Sustainable development as well as the social dimension of the Bank's operations and responsible banking are concepts aligned with its business model and its values : Responsibility, Meritocracy and Transparency.

Piraeus Bank builds on these principles of Sustainable and Responsible Banking which form the base of its financing products that incorporate ESG criteria, forming a positive impact to the environment, the economy and society. All these ESG criteria have been incorporated in a wide range of Piraeus Bank current activities.

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Green Financial Solutions for Business

It is Piraeus Bank’s strategic choice to align its operations with the new framework being shaped internationally for sustainable banking and the sustainable development of the Greek economy. This framework emphasizes the formulation of an integrated policy that supports “green entrepreneurship” and investments in sectors associated with “green and sustainable” development, in which there are now opportunities and major prospects for growth. To this end, Piraeus Bank offers a number of specialized banking products designed for those who want to invest in clean energy or improve their business’s energy and environmental footprint.

Green financing for the Agricultural Sector

At Piraeus Bank, we are helping the agri-food sector meet the challenges of sustainable development. By offering tailor-made products and services – as well as through information initiatives – we endeavour to promote all three dimensions of sustainable development in the sector: economic, social and environmental. We believe that financing, in addition to covering liquidity needs, should also serve – through the appropriate characteristics – as a means of preparing the agri-food sector for a sustainable future.

Sustainability linked loans

Piraeus Bank is the first bank in Greece to finance large and medium-sized enterprises with the incorporation of ESG criteria, focusing on the Environment, Society and Corporate Governance.
These criteria combine growth and economic performance with social and environmental sustainability.

Businesses financed through Sustainability Linked Loans are committed to accomplishing specific and measurable ESG criteria in order to benefit from competitive terms of financing, such as lower loan pricing.

The environmental benefit that is expected to be achieved in the coming years from the active partnership between the companies and the Bank is estimated to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the rational use of raw materials, as well as the protection of the natural environment in general.