Large Corporates

Piraeus Bank has extensive experience in the area of Corporate Banking, offering specialised banking products and services, tailored to the needs of large corporates. A team of experts with extensive know-how and significant experience in the domestic market promote banking products and services for the following industries:

  • Construction and infrastructure

  • Steel, base metals, oil

  • Hotels and tourism

  • Telecommunications, New Technologies, Mass Media

  • Energy, Health, Public Sector

To this end, Piraeus Bank Group offers specialised banking products and services in the countries it is active in (Greece, and Ukraine). These include:

  • Financing: Financing products are adjusted to the needs of each company and include revolving credit facilities, short- and long-term loans, bond loans, syndicated loans, leasing and factoring.

  • Other credit products: Credit products to cover the entire range of transactions for corporate customers, such as letters of guarantee, letters of credit, etc.

  • Risk management: Products to manage interest-rate and exchange-rate risks