Project Finance

Piraeus Bank has extensive experience in project financing. It focuses on offering a range of specialised banking services. These include organising and financing private and public projects, business plans and transactions that require complex financial structure planning; seeking mechanisms to secure finance; and offering financial advisory services in Greece and abroad in the following sectors:


  • Transport projects, such as highways, airports, ports, railroads, etc.

  • Public works, through Public-Private Partnerships

  • Energy projects, such as photovoltaic stations, wind farms, small hydroelectric plants, photovoltaic panel manufacturing industry, combined cycle power generation plants, etc.

These projects are mainly implemented through concession, self-financing or co-financing by special purpose vehicles (SPVs). SPVs are governed by the principle of going concern and demonstrate autonomy, while the repayment of their loans is based on the future cash flows of the financed investment.