Recovery & Resilience Fund (RRF)

The amount of financing of the investment project from the RRF is calculated according to the budget of eligible investment expenses in the five (5) pillars of the RRF program as well as the coverage of specific criteria per pillar.

Greece uses the resources of RRF in order to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “ Greece 2.0” with the financing of the European Union-Next Generation EU through which loans are granted to finance the investments projects of companies.

Recovery & Resilience Fund (RRF)

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) with total investment funds of €31,2bn. includes investments and reforms proposals that consists of two (2) strands, focusing respectively on the provision of investment of loans and grants, that are structured in:

four (4) Pillars regarding grants

five (5) Loan Directions

The Recovery and Resilience Plan contributes to Greece’s green transition and aligns with the priorities of the European Green Deal, the 2030 climate targets and the goal for climate neutrality by 2050 “fit for 55%”, by allocating in total 37,5% of the estimated cost to climate actions.

The NRRP contributes to Greece’s digital transformation by devoting in total 23.26% of the estimated cost to digital objectives and It reflects the specific goals and structured action plan of the national Digital Transformation plan.