Life Goals Saving Program

Prepare for the future by investing systematically

"Life Goals" is an attractive option for those who wish to build a Mutual Funds portfolio gradually by investing small amounts (e.g. starting from €20/month) in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Gain access to the Greek and International markets without having to commit your capital, while you smooth market fluctuations, as you:

  • buy mutual fund shares at competitive prices
  • optimize the average acquisition price of the shares, thereby increasing the prospect of positive returns.

Who is it for:

Aimed at those who wish to accumulate considerable capital in the medium and long term by depositing a small amount periodically:

  • to fulfill a dream or cover the expenses of a future endeavour, e.g. Wedding, Birth, Baptism, Studies, Travel, etc.
  • because you do not wish to invest significant amounts for the time being and would rather enjoy total flexibility in raising capital
  • because you feel that you do not have the amount of time needed to invest in the markets yourself

What are the features of the product and how it works:

This is a savings program that involves fundraising and investing in Mutual Funds managed by Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, requiring a standing order from a deposit account of your choice.

After selecting a Mutual Fund, you can determine:

  • The frequency of your regular payments [monthly, quarterly or semiannually]
  • The amount of periodic payments with minimum amounts per frequency at €20 [monthly] - at €50 [quarterly] - at €100 [semiannually]
  • The date of regular payments
  • The receipt of SMS alerts on your mobile phone and/or e-mail alerts

Available Mutual Funds:

You can choose among 17 Mutual Funds offered by Piraeus Asset Management MFMC that invest in International markets as well as in the Greek market.

An investment solution with unique benefits:

  • No participation and redemption fees
  • Daily valuation through the branch network and winbank portal plus a detailed statement on a quarterly basis delivered by post
  • Professional management by a specialized company [Piraeus Asset Management MFMC] with experienced and qualified managers who have the required expertise
  • Impact minimization of the capital markets' high volatility regarding a single participation in a Mutual Fund

Flexible terms, as:

  • you can redeem and/or reinvest all or part of the Mutual Fund shares, any time you wish, with no restrictions
  • you have the option of up to 2 extra participations per month with your monthly payment as a minimum amount and with a maximum amount of up to EUR 2.000, as well as the ability to modify the standing order at any time with immediate effect except the frequency of the regular payments.

The "Key Investor Information Document» (KIID), the Prospectus and the latest annual and semi-annual report of the  UCITS are available in Greek on Piraeus ASSET MANAGEMENT MFMC website and can be provided free of charge, upon request, in hard copy.


The products and services offered by Piraeus Bank and Piraeus Asset Management MFMC are subject to the restrictions imposed by the applicable legal and regulatory framework.