winbank pay. Contactless Payments using only your mobile phone!

Piraeus Bank's new digital wallet is here! winbank pay, is the new Piraeus Bank’s digital wallet that enables you to easily make your daily transactions using only your mobile phone.

Make contactless payments with card at physical POS using your mobile phone easily, quickly and securely.

Winbank pay is available in winbank mobile app and supported by Android 5+ devices with NFC.

Download the latest version of winbank mobile app for free here:

winbank mobile app for android

How do I activate winbank pay?

In order to activate winbank pay, you need an Android device with OS version at least 5.0 and supporting NFC.

You should be registered to winbank web banking and own at least one Piraeus Bank card.

You can activate winbank pay from the winbank mobile menu settings> service management> winbank pay, at any time.

You can activate winbank pay at any device you have installed the winbank mobile app.

Once activated, the winbank pay icon will automatically appear on the top of winbank mobile app's login screen for easy contactless payments.

When you activate winbank pay, all your Piraeus Bank active cards (debit, credit, prepaid reloadable) for individual or business/corporate cardholders, will automatically support the service.

How do I make contactless payments via winbank pay?

To make contactless payments with your cards using winbank pay, check that NFC is active on your device.

You can make a contactless payment following one of the ways below:

  • Through the login screen of the winbank mobile app:
  1. Click on the winbank pay icon .
  2. Swiping your winbank pay enabled cards, select the card you want to use and click "Pay".
  3. Authorize payment with quick login (4digit PIN or fingerprint on compatible devices).
  4. Approach your mobile to the merchant’s POS.
  5. Verify the result of the payment at the merchant's POS.

This payment method does not require a network connection.

  • At winbank mobile app home screen:
  1. At the home screen, on the “Recent transactions” screen, select "Transact" and “winbank pay”.
  2. Swiping your winbank pay enabled cards, select the card you want to use and click "pay".
  3. Authorize payment with quick login (4digit PIN or fingerprint on compatible devices).
  4. Approach your phone to the merchant’s POS.
  5. Verify the payment result at the merchant's POS.

  • initiate a payment from a card
  1. From the "Cards" section, select the card you want to use, click "Transact" and "winbank pay".
  2. Authorized payment with quick login (4digit PIN or on compatible devices).
  3. Approach your phone to the merchant's POS.
  4. Verify the payment result at the merchant's POS.

Security in contactless transactions

winbank pay is secure for any transaction you make, regardless the amount, or your way of authorization with quick login (4digit PIN or your fingerprint on compatible devices).

In addition, winbank pay uses a Tokenization technology that offers high level security. This means, that during the transaction, your actual card data do not transfer to the merchant’s POS, or are stored on your device.

Finally, winbank pay is available at winbank mobile app on Android devices with OS 5 (or higher) supporting NFC. It is required that the device OS has no prior interference (e.g. rooted) and no application has been installed that may affect the security of the device operating system.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I choose the cards I want to use at winbank pay?
You can enable or disable support for winbank pay for your cards, from the menu Settings > Service management> winbank pay, at any time you wish.

2. Do I have the card privileges when I pay with winbank pay?
Yes, with winbank pay transactions, you keep the privileges provided by each card.

3. When my cards are enrolled to winank pay, can I still pay with my physical cards?
Yes, you will be able to continue making payments with your physical cards.

4. Can I pay with interest-free installments on my card via winbank pay?
No, if you wish to pay in interest-free installments, you will need to use your physical credit card.

5. Can I use winbank pay without data connection?
Yes, data connection is not required to make a payment with winbank pay. However, you must enable data connection at regular intervals, in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Service.

6. My card is transparent and I cannot click the “pay” button, what can I do?
You should enable data connection on your device, and your card will be available for use.

7. How can I deactivate winbank pay from winbank mobile app?
You can deactivate winbank pay by deselecting all your available cards from the menu Settings> Service management> winbank pay.

8. Is there an amount limit for winbank pay transactions?
No, you can transact up to your card limit for purchases.

9. In which cases can I use the winbank pay?
You can use winbank pay for contactless transactions on POS that support contactless payments. They usually have the following sign.

10. How do I know that my winbank pay transaction is successful?
The payment result will be displayed both on winbank mobile app, the POS screen and the POS receipt.

11. I have completed my winbank pay activation, but my cards haven’t enrolled.
In that case:
a. Make sure your device has a data connection.
b. Make sure that time is set to "automatic time" on your device.

12. What is NFC?
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows the wireless transmission of data from the smartphone to another device in a range of ~4 centimeter.

13. Can I pay with winbank pay without opening the winbank mobile app first?
Of course you can. Just set winbank pay as the default payment service on your device. When you do this, every time you approach your device in the POS, your mobile screen will turn on automatically, and after unlocking it, the winbank pay screen will appear.

14. I approached my mobile at POS but there was no reaction. The NFC was activated.
You may need to check where the NFC sensor is located on your device. The position of the NFC sensor varies depending on the manufacturer and model of the device.