Check In Class app

Download the app "Check In Class" and get a chance to win a portable Bluetooth speaker online every time you Check-In at your University.

Download Check In Class app:

What can i do with Check in Class app

If you are a University, Technological Educational Institute or a College student, with Check In Class you can:

  • win an instant gift (portable Bluetooth speaker)
  • choose the Piraeus Bank Branch from which you will deliver the instant gift
  • collect participations* to a draw for bigger prizes
  • get informed on Piraeus Bank products & services suitable for student life
  • get useful informationeveryday through the special section “Student News”

*the participations you have collected through the “Check In Class” process remain ‘inactive’ until the purchase of a banking product is carried out.

The steps to win are simple

  • Download on your mobile or your tablet the Check In Class app of Piraeus Bank
  • Go to your university
  • Check In and see if you have won online a portable Bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to your favorite music