Mobile Phone Top-up

Top up your prepaid mobile phone 24/7 through the Piraeus Bank digital channels. Use cash or charge your account.

What type of prepaid mobile do you have?

We offer the service for all prepaid mobile network operators:

Choose €12, €15, €20 or €30

  • Vodafone
Choose €10, €15, €20 or €30

  • Wind & Wind F2G
Choose €12, €15, €20 or €30

  • Q Card
Choose €10 or €15

  • Cyta

Choose €5, €10, €20 or €30 (for now only through web banking, mobile banking & phone banking)

How do you pay

Depending on the payment method:

A. In cash

  • At easypay devices within Piraeus Bank branches
Find the nearest easypay device

B. By charging your Piraeus Bank account

  • If you are a winbank web banking user
Login in to winbank web banking and choose Payments > Airtime Renewal.

  • At all Piraeus Banks ATMs
Find the nearest ATM

  • Do you have winbank mobile banking?
Log in. Download the winbank mobile App for Android or iPhone free of charge

  • Do you have winbank phone banking?
Call +30 210 3288000

  • Do you have winbank SMS banking?
Send AXO to +30 6945 100300 or +30 6937 100300 and then: Type XX N to top up your airtime. XX is the abbreviation for your mobile network operator: CO, VO, WI, Q Ν is the airtime value.

Top up your airtime in 5 steps

Each winbank channels gives you instructions:

 1.   Choose mobile network: Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind, Q Card, Cyta

 2.   Choose airtime value: €10, €12, €15, €20 or €30

 3.   Choose payment method: In cash or by charging your Piraeus Bank account

 4.   Receive the code and the airtime top-up instructions provided by the winbank channel you have selected: receipt, SMS or phone         conversation

 5.   Use the code to top up your airtime, according to you mobile network operator.