The e-statements service offers you access to the electronic copies of your accounts, cards and loans. Log in to winbank web banking wherever you are, to view, store safely or print your e-statement.


Prompt information for free, wherever you are

Once you activate the e-statements service, your statements will only be issued electronically. Each e-statement contains the same information as the paper statement.

When a new statement is issued, the e-statements service, notifies you via email, free of charge. To view it, log in to winbank web banking service. This way you have access to your e-statements wherever you are.

Convenient management

Each e-statement is an electronic PDF file. You can print and/or store it in your computer or in a data storage device, such as CD, flash drive or external hard drive.

You can file your e-statements easily. However, if you lose an e-statement by mistake, you can retrieve it easily. Via your winbank web banking, you have access to your e-statements for the last 2 years.


The e-statements cannot be misplaced, lost or end up in the wrong hands. Only you, have access to them via winbank web banking service. So you do not run the risk of someone intercepting your personal or banking data.

In addition, all information is transferred encrypted. For greater security, the new e-statement notification you receive via email does not contain transaction details.

Online and environmentally-friendly

Replacing a paper statement with an electronic one, you are protecting the environment. By saving paper you reduce the environmental impact of paper production: cutting trees, consumption of electricity and water.

It is one more convenient, cost-effective and safe way to reduce our environmental footprint on our planet.