Online Appointment – Schedule your meeting

Book your appointment, online 24/7, easily and safely from anywhere through Online Appointment.

Login to winbank web banking or winbank mobile mobile app and schedule your next appointment by selecting the day, time and way of communication that better suits your needs:

  • Branch visit
  • Telephone appointment
  • Video call*

Initially, your Branch is displayed by default, alternatively you have the option** by selecting "Other" to choose the Branch where you wish to make your appointment.

*Video call is only available to Personal Banking & Business Banking Plus customers

**The option to choose a Branch is not available to customers Personal Banking and Business Banking Plus who are served by Bank Advisor

How to book your appointment?

You need to have active credentials for winbank web banking and proceed to the following steps:

  • Login to winbank web banking or winbank app
  • Select “New appointment” in the section "My Appointments"
  • Choose the date and time that suits you, the topic you want to discuss as well as the way of communication you prefer, e.g. Branch visit
  • You can address your comments to the Branch that will manage your appointment

If you are not registered, you can sign up online for free, by clicking here.

Useful information for your appointments

  • You can book your next appointment two days from the current date
  • You can set an appointment over a period of two months
  • The total duration of your appointment cannot exceed 45 minutes
  • The first available appointment of the day starts at 08.00 and the last one at 13.00

Αfter booking your appointment

  • You will receive an e-mail with the necessary details.
  • You will receive a push notification reminder on your mobile phone***, one hour prior to your appointment.
  • You can monitor your scheduled appointments as well as your appointment history over the last 12 months in the section "My Appointments" in winbank web banking.
  • You can change or cancel your appointment.
  • In the unlikely event that your branch needs to cancel your appointment, you will be informed accordingly.

***Prerequisite to have winbank app

Online Appointment Advantages

With Online Appointment you can:

  • Arrange your next appointment with the bank, at your convenience.
  • Choose your preferred way, time and place of communication.
  • Better organize your daily schedule.