The New mobile “winbank app” is here!

The mobile "winbank app" is now available and it is specially designed for you. We are welcoming you to our leading-edge world of digital banking!

Our new “winbank app” is available at App Store and Google play store and ready to download.

We are inviting you to our new digital banking app that winbank has created for you.

Download the app

  • winbank mobile app for iOS
  • winbank mobile app for android

In order to use "winbank app", you must be a Piraeus Bank customer, registered at winbank.

Familiarize with our brand-new mobile“winbank app”.

Piraeus Bank has designed "winbank app" from scratch, a friendly and easy to use mobile banking app, that offers modern digital banking experience.

On the dashboard page of the app, you can view your overall bank status.

You will also find our new sections, “winbank in the spotlight” and “our stories”, offering a blog experience within the mobile app!

We inform you with suggested propositions, ideas and stories that elevate your banking experience.

Your day-to-day transactions are becoming easier and fast!

Using “winbank app”, you can initiate your transaction fast, by choosing from the dashboard page the “Transact” button.

You gain time, as now, you can easily initiate a transaction:

  • Send money to account
  • Send money to cards
  • Send money IRIS online payments
  • Pay a bill with single payment (RF payments)
  • Pay a bill from the payment list
  • Pay a bill – Credit Cards
  • Generate code – Instant cash

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I download “winbank app”?

winbank app is modern, friendly, and easy to use. It is designed to elevate your digital experience in digital banking.
We encourage you to use “winbank app”, to become familiar with it!

How do I activate push notifications for transactions approval?

You can enable application's notifications to receive push notification to validate your transactions by quick login PIN, Face ID or fingerprint. You select from the above section of the dashboard page, the image with your initials, then select settings, and then select the “on” mark of the push notification section.