Developing my pharmacy

We identify opportunities that suit your pharmacy’s development and improvement plans and we give you access to liquidity sources in order to finance it, according to Piraeus Bank credit policy.

Funding amount
From € 10.000 to €20.000 depending on the Pharmacy’s needs.

Indefinite with annual review.

Interest rate
Floating rate based on:

  • Privilege Loan Rate (PLR) of Piraeus Bank

Interest rates are borne by the contribution of Law 128/75, which currently stands at 0.60%


  • Interest payment every 3 years only for the capital you have used
PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Pharmacies.

The products and services offered by PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360°, as well as any special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed at the Bank’s discretion.