Managing my pharmacy

Piraeus Bank offers you Financial Management Services for your pharmacy

In order to have the optimal control of your cash flows, accumulate the inputs and outputs to an account and make best use of your cash, we offer you:

  • The Sight Account (for legal entities) or the Business Account (for sole proprietorships & freelancers)
  • Free incoming remittances (STP & NON STP in Euro)
  • Free processing of checks by private customers & individual entrepreneurs
  • Free cancellation of checks
  • Free issuance of bank checks in the name of the entrepreneur or the Greek State
  • Free of charge for each transfer of credit to accounts within the Bank
  • Access to e-banking services for winbank businesses & professionals in order to perform transactions at lower or no expenses

Card acceptance and clearing services (POS, e-POS) in cooperation with EURONET MERCHANT SERVICES PAYMENT FOUNDATION (“epay”).

Piraeus Bank cooperates with epay for the distribution, through its network, of epay products and services, regarding the acceptance and settlement of card payments, carried out in physical or online stores and offers you the following:

  • Free 1st wired terminal* (no one-off activation fee and monthly management costs for the first year. If the company’s transactions are less than €9,000 for the first year, then in the second year there will be monthly management costs of €9 + VAT in order to use the card payment terminal (EFT/epay POS).
  • Preferential pricing only per transaction for epay POS transactions and epay eCommerce transactions as follows:

    • 0.70% for all cards regardless of the issuing bank, per transaction regardless of card type for mixed pricing, or, in the case of granular pricing**, IRF + Scheme Cost+ 0.35% per bank margin transaction.
    • 1.50% for business cards regardless of card type for mixed pricing or in the case of granular pricing** IRF + Scheme Cost+ 0.35% per transaction bank margin.
    • Free of charge for currency conversion transactions (DCC) (only for epay POS)
  • Up to 12 interest-free instalments

* The above applies to new cooperation contracts
** Granular Pricing

PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Pharmacies.

The products and services offered by PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360°, as well as any special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed at the Bank’s discretion.