Securing my pharmacy

Piraeus Financial Holdings, as the Insurance Intermediary of leading Insurance Companies, provides unique insurance solutions for you, both for your pharmacy and for Civil Liability emerging from your business activities.

Piraeus Financial Holdings SA, as an insurance intermediary, carries out the activity of distribution of insurance products, in the name and on behalf of the insurance companies with which it maintains cooperation.

  • Μy Business Liability for Pharmacists

  • Insurance program in collaboration with ERGO Insurance Company, which covers you, as well as your employees for errors, omissions or negligent acts during the execution of your duties, which may cause death or personal injuries to Third Parties.

    More specifically, we cover:

  • Acts or omissions regarding doctors’ prescriptions, manufacturing of medicinal products following a prescription
  • Any mistakes when giving first aid

  • My Business (Property Insurance)

  • Insurance program in collaboration with ERGO Insurance Company, which ensures the unobstructed operation of your Pharmacy with effective coverage against crucial risks it may need to face, such as fire, earthquake, weather conditions, theft etc.

  • My Business Liability

  • Insurance program in collaboration with ERGO Insurance Company, which covers your mandatory legal Business Liability, as well as your employees’. The program offers coverage against claims (Bodily injuries/Death and/or Material Damages) which may occur to Third Parties due to the use or the operation of your Pharmacy’s premises.

A program in collaboration with ERGO insurance company, which offers protection to your business from cyber-attacks in order to reduce cyber and electronic risks and financial consequences.

Discount of up to 40% is provided when ERGO Insurance company products are acquired in combination.

When purchasing a Car & Property Insurance plan, you get the added benefit of discounts on your car and property (home/business) insurance premiums.

Our new PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360° is available to Small and Medium-sized Pharmacies.

The products and services offered by PIRAEUS PHARMACY 360°, as well as any special pricing, where these exist, can be reviewed at the Bank’s discretion.