Dual Currency Investments

Dual Currency Investments are offered as an investment option when your company carries out transactions in more than one currency. Without guaranteeing your initial capital, they offer high interest rates and a maturity ranging from 1 week to 1 year. Upon maturity, the initial capital you placed in one currency may be converted to another currency at a set exchange rate, depending on the volatility of the exchange rate between the pair of currencies.


  • Option of high returns in the investment currency, without guaranteed initial capital

  • Option of investing in euro or the main foreign currencies

  • Flexibility with regard to your capital and investment maturity

  • Your capital may be converted into another currency on maturity of your investment but at a set exchange rate agreed upon when your investment commenced

  • The minimum capital you can place in a Dual Currency Investment is €250,000 or the equivalent amount in foreign currency

  • This product includes derivatives. As a result, you can acquire it based on your investment profile, in line with the MiFID