Stock Exchange Services

Piraeus Bank offers you a secure, user friendly environment to perform your stock exchange transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange and the world's major Stock Exchanges, helping you to build your portfolio by expanding your investment options.

Greek stock exchange

Manage your investments in securities traded on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) with flexibility and speed through winbank web banking’s online platform offered by Piraeus Bank. You can also contact the specialized staff in our branch network for your transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange.

Services provided online & through our branch network:

  • Open an Investor and Securities Account at the Dematerialized Securities System(DSS) at HELEX through Piraeus bank branch network
  • Place buy & sell orders in securities trading at the ATHEX (stocks and corporate bonds)
  • Real-time monitoring of securities trading prices during the stock market session
  • Fast and safe order transmission (placement & execution) on the ΑΤΗΕΧ due to automatic procedures
  • Cancellation of unexecuted orders
  • Modification of a security’s price in an unexecuted order
  • Order execution & portfolio valuation updates via SMS & Email alerts
  • Order status updates
  • Participation in Initial Public Offerings
  • Participation in Share Capital Increases and Public Offerings (through the Branch Network)
  • Portfolio Statement and Confirmation Transactions through winbank
  • Custodian services (portfolio transfers, dividends, participation in corporate actions, etc.).

International stock markets

Get access to the most important International Stock Exchanges of Europe, America, Asia, etc. 24/7 through winbank web banking.

Online Brokerage services:

  • Securities online trading
  • Security’s price modification of unexecuted orders
  • Cancellation of unexecuted orders
  • Order status updates
  • Securities portfolio valuation
  • Monitoring of securities trading prices during the market sessions
  • Custodian services via / through Piraeus Securities S.A.