Proper financial management equals greater peace of mind

Peace of mind is more important than ever. The most frequently asked questions we get from customers are: What should I do with my money? Where should I invest it? How should I manage it? Who can give me advice? How can I ensure peace of mind? Working with us in the optimum way will help you achieve your goals. Only when you have peace of mind do we both have a win-win situation.

To allow your Personal Advisor to respond to questions like these Piraeus Axia Personal Banking has developed procedures and services that allow us to better comprehend your needs and help you experience greater peace of mind when it comes to your financial choices.

 1.  Understanding your needs

The meetings we hold give us the chance to understand your needs and concerns.

 2.  Exploring options

Your Personal Advisor, working with other experts on our team, explains the available options that suit your needs.

 3.  Implementing choices

By this time you feel ready to make your choices a reality, and confident about them since you know all the details.

 4.  Re-checking choices

Choices need to be re-examined and changes made, if necessary.

To guide you through all these stages your Personal Advisor uses certain services available from Piraeus Axia Personal Banking to promote your sense of security and to obtain a comprehensive picture of your finances:

  • Organise your Finance
  • Manage your Regular Transactions
  • Design your Financial Plan
  • Monitor your Portfolio

Learn more about these services and the benefits Piraeus Axia Personal Banking has to offer you here or visit one of the 141 branches offering Piraeus Axia Personal Banking.

Note: Piraeus Axia Personal Banking is aimed at customers whose deposit and/or investment balance with the bank is over €70,000.

Theodoros Kounas
Affluent Segment Management
Piraeus Axia Personal Banking

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