iPlan Financial Planning Services

iPlan is a new and innovative application through which we provide Financial Planning services to anyone who needs better management of his total assets.

With the help of the iPlan application, you can: depict and evaluate the current state of your finances, prioritize your needs and create a realistic financial plan to achieve your goals.

Through scheduled meetings, your Personal Advisor offers you, our Personal Banking customers, all the support you need to get closer to what you dream of for your future.

Organize your Finances

With the "Organize your Finances" service, you identify the main pillars of your economic life through a questionnaire that focuses on key areas of financial planning:

During a scheduled meeting with your Personal Advisor, your real economic and personal needs are highlighted, as well as the degree to which you have covered them. By getting a more complete picture of your finances you will be able to set your future goals. Together we will focus on the points that require special attention and we will discuss possible solutions, according to our experience.

In cooperation with you, in order to plan your next moves, we offer you ongoing support in achieving your goals.

Evaluate and Prioritize your Needs

Through the “Evaluate and Prioritize your Needs” service we help you identify, analyze and evaluate your financial needs. Then, with the guidance of your Personal Advisor, you can prioritize these needs.

Having in mind the main pillars of financial planning and the optimal distribution of your capital, we will have the opportunity, starting from the basis of your financial planning needs to see if you have secured yourself against extraordinary and unplanned expenses, while maintaining and protecting your assets.

As we proceed to cover more complex needs, we will be able to discern sources and ways of accumulating capital and realize the importance of regular contributions in order to achieve our goals.

Finally, we will look at ways to grow and leverage your available capital in anticipation of better returns.

Financial Planning

At Piraeus Bank Personal Banking we provide essential support and guidance in planning and achieving your own financial plan.

Through the "Financial Planning” service we give you the opportunity to define your short-term and long-term goals and in collaboration with your experienced Personal Advisor to make a personalized realistic financial plan.

At the same time, you can find out if the goals you have set, based on your financial situation, are achievable and able to protect your assets, but also to calculate the evolution of your capital.

A financial plan is not a static plan but a "tool" for monitoring your financial progress.

Your Piraeus Bank Personal Banking Advisor is by your side to help you adjust as your life evolves.

With the help of your Personal Advisor, the services we provide to you through the iPlan application
are a complete banking proposal with a focus on you.

Schedule a meeting with your Personal Advisor and take advantage of the capability and know-how that
only Piraeus Bank Personal Banking offers you.