winbank Trading Platform

Using winbank Trading Platform, Piraeus bank offers you a secure self-service environment with low pricing to perform your stock exchange transactions* at the Athens Stock Exchange via winbank web, winbank app and phone banking. You may access directly more than 31 of the world's major stock exchanges in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa via winbank web and phone banking.


Transactions on the Greek and international stock markets

Get online, real-time updates on sessions of the Athens Exchange, and more than 31 of the world's major stock exchanges in 26 countries 24 hours a day.

31 international stock exchanges in 26 countries
Europe America
Austria – Vienna Stock Exchange
  USA – NASDAQ, NYSE, American Exchange,
Belgium – EN Brussels   OTC / Pink Sheets
France – Euronext
  Canada - TSX Venture Exchange
Germany – Xetra     
Denmark – Copenhagen Stock
Switzerland – Virt-x, SWX   Japan – Tokyo Stock Exchange
Ireland – Irish Stock Exchange
  Singapore – Singapore Exchange
Spain – SIBE   Turkey – Istanbul Stock Exchange
Italy – Italian Stock Exchange
  Hong Kong – Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Norway – Oslo Stock Exchange  
Holland - Euronext
Hungary – Budapest Stock Exchange   Oceania
Poland – Warsaw Stock Exchange
  Australia – Sydney Stock Exchange
Portugal – Euronext     
Sweden – Stockholm Stock Exchange
Czech Republic – Czech Republic Stock Exchange   South Africa – Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Finland – Helsinki Stock Exchange

Keep track of your portfolio on line

Using winbank Trading Platform you may:

  • Get valuation for your stock portfolio
  • Receive notifications on portfolio valuations
  • Receive confirmation slips
  • Receive notifications when your order is executed

Live updates on the latest stock market news

To carry out your stock exchange transactions with all the proper information at hand, the winbank Trading Platform provides you with all the latest financial, business and stock market news. Through the market navigator application winbank web banking provides you live streaming of Athens stock Exchange session.

  • Gain access to the daily and historic charts for the Athens Exchange share prices that interest you, at any time
  • Find out the prices of foreign stock exchange indexes
  • Receive reports with useful stock market analysis

Access to the service

To access the Piraeus Bank winbank Trading Platform and carry out your stock transactions, you just need to sign up as a winbank web banking or winbank phone banking user and hold an investment account with Piraeus Bank .

Please visit one of our Branches.

Our people will inform you on the procedures required to perform stock transactions.

All stock exchange transactions in detail

Options Greek
Stock Exchange
Stock Markets
Issue orders to buy and sell shares and modify on-line unexecuted ones  
Get share prices in real time (Quotes)  
Monitor Stock Exchange's session Real time  
Monitor the market depth (level 5)  
Issue orders to re-sell shares purchased on the same day  
Instant use of the proceeds from a prior unsetteled stock sale for the purchase of new one  
Get instant updates on the status of your stock exchange orders  
Receive notifications on orders carried out (trade confirmation slips)  
Evaluate your portfolio online  
View the daily and historic share charts  
International Markets Daily Report  
ASE - Daily Price Bulletin  
Receive updates on financial, business and stock market news for Greek & foreign markets (market navigator)