Remittances via winbank web banking

Send money in euro or foreign currencies to any country worldwide online. Your order is executed immediately at a very low cost, with enhanced security and transparency.

How you benefit

  • Send money to any country worldwide.
  • Get low remittance costs based on the amount you are remitting and the destination
  • Use winbank web banking to get 24/7 service
  • Search for the beneficiary’s bank BIC code online and verify it
  • Set up fixed and/or future remittance orders or repeat the same or similar remittances that you make regularly
  • Receive a transaction notice and confirmation with all relevant details (amount, costs, beneficiary, etc.),this is printable and/or sent to your email
  • Receive instant and ongoing updates about the accepted/rejected status of your remittance and your account transactions via SMS, email or by phone
  • Enjoy our enhanced security when you send money and transfer your personal and banking details: Security certificates, extraPIN (two-factor authentication)

How to send a remittance using winbank web banking

To send an online remittance, you need to have an account with Piraeus Bank and have access to winbank web banking:

  • Log in to your winbank web banking account using your User ID and PIN:

    Log in > TRANSFERS/ MONEY TRANSFERS > Transfer to other Banks/ Remittance
  • Enter the extraPIN sent to your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can use the extraPIN generator you get from Piraeus Bank
  • In Step 1, fill in all the fields correctly with the help of the system
  • In Step 2, check the details and charges that apply before you place the order
  • In Step 3, your order is uploaded. The amount of the remittance and the relevant charges are debited from the account you have selected
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The service is provided under the current restrictions on capital transfers