Remittance via winbank web banking

Send money in euro or foreign currencies to any country worldwide via winbank web banking at a low cost. Your payment order is executed with enhanced security.

How you benefit

  • Money transfers worldwide
  • Low remittance fees based on the amount you remit and the destination country
  • 24/7 available service
  • Immediate notification via SMS free of charge about the execution of your remittance
  • Option of receiving immediate notification via email or by phone for your remittance order status, as well as for your bank account status
  • Possibility to set up standing of future remittance orders for same or similar remittances that you repeat often
  • Possibility to request the cancelation or the amendment of your order
  • Printable swift confirmation and advice of payment with all relevant details (amount, fees, beneficiary, etc.), which you can also send to your email
  • Εnhanced security: security certificates, extraPIN codes and quick login (use 4digit PIN of your choice) for the validation of your transaction

How to send a remittance using winbank web banking

To send a remittance via winbank web banking, you may choose the menu:

TRANSFERS / MONEY TRANSFERS > Transfer to other Banks/ Remittance

  • In Step 1, you fill in all the fields correctly with the help of the system
  • In Step 2, you may check the details and charges that apply and confirm the order
  • In Step 3, your order is placed. The amount of the remittance and the relevant fees are debited to the account you have selected
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*The service is provided under the existing legal and regulatory framework.