Remittance via winbank mobile app

Send money to Greece and abroad via the new winbank mobile app. Your payment order is executed at a low cost, with enhanced security.

How you benefit

  • Low remittance fees depending on the amount you send
  • 24/7 available service
  • Ιmmediate notification via push notifications or SMS free of charge about the execution of your remittance
  • Option of receiving immediate updates via email or by phone about the status of your remittances and your account transactions
  • Εnhanced security: security certificates, extraPIN codes and quick login (use 4digit PIN, fingerprint or face recognition) for the validation of your transaction

How you can send a remittance using winbank mobile app

You may send a remittance via your mobile phone using winbank mobile app by selecting from the menu:

Transact > To other accounts

  • You fill in all the fields correctly with the help of the system. In each step, you may check the details before you place your order
  • You confirm your order. The amount sent and the relevant expenses will be debited to the account you have selected

Download app!

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