Business Payments via winbank

Piraeus Bank's winbank web banking helps you manage your turnover via web banking or mobile banking. You can conveniently and effectively streamline your company's payroll, cover your operating expenses through payment orders, manage batch payments to your suppliers and associates, pay regular and emergency debts and manage your banking products, such as loans and corporate cards.



Streamline your employees' payroll in Greece and abroad through:

  • batch payrolling order via a file

Operating expenses

Pay bills stemming from the daily operation of your business by setting up a standing order or a lump-sum payment order, which can be carried out immediately or at a future date:

  • Utility bills
  • Phone bills (landlines and mobiles)
  • Rent for business premises, parking, cars, etc.
  • Business trip, conference and training expenses

Dues, insurance premiums and taxes

Manage your dues to social security funds, private insurance companies and the State:

  • Contributions to social security funds and chambers
  • Premiums to private insurance companies
  • Tax contributions to social security funds
  • Company tax
  • Payment of VAT and payroll tax

Payments to suppliers and associates

Pay your company's suppliers and associates through batch or individual payments and send remittances to Greece or abroad*:

  • Send batch payments (e-PPS & e-PPS SEPA)
  • Make individual payments
  • Pay standard imports*
  • Pay off an invoice by transferring funds, making a deposit or sending a remittance to the Collection Account of the foreign company, provided you are a supplier yourself or an associate of that company

*The transaction is currently not available, based on Act of Legislative Content 07/18/2015

Loans and corporate cards

Schedule and monitor regular repayments and instalments to your company's loans and corporate credit cards:

  • Repay your loans via standing order
  • Pay your instalments for credits cards issued by Piraeus Bank or any other bank

Transaction Management

Monitor your payments

You may monitor the details of the remittances and transfers you carry out:

  • Receive an expense and remittance commission analysis (advice)
  • Store or print a remittance payment message (swift confirmation)
  • Request for cancellation or modification of outgoing remittance
  • Outgoing remittance file upload
  • Incoming remittance display and application for return

View your payment log

You may access your payment, remittance and fund transfer log at any time as follows:

Log in > PAYMENTS > Payment/Transfer Log in > TRANSFERS/HISTORY AND TRANSFER MANAGEMENT > Remittance Management

Modify payment orders

You may cancel your stored payment or standing orders at any time.

Additional options

You may have additional choices in certain transactions:

  • Enter reason so as to notify the recipient or for your own convenience
  • Store regular payments so as to repeat them conveniently
  • Transfer or remit money at a frequency you choose
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