Private Banking Services

Banking & Investment Management

We offer you the opportunity to carry out all your banking and investment transactions by using any of Piraeus Bank’s service options (Branches, ATMs, Winbank, etc.) and/or through your Private Banker.

To better monitor your finances, we offer one of the most advanced valuation and presentation systems for your financial position. The combined statement is offered free of charge to all our clients, is sent on a monthly basis and includes all the products linked to your Investment Account.

Open Architecture Platform

Through our open architecture platform, we, at Piraeus Private Banking, can tailor sophisticated mutual fund strategies, thus responding even to your most complex investment needs.

Custody Services

The custody services of Piraeus Bank efficiently cover the entire range of your transactions at the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX), Derivatives Exchange (ADEX) and foreign stock markets.

Piraeus Bank offers a wide range of Custody services. We use systems and procedures to cover all your investment needs:

  • Securities safekeeping
  • Purchase and redemption of securities
  • Liquidation and settlement of brokerage transactions
  • Dividend and coupon payments
  • Corporate actions

Discretion & Flexibility in your Transactions

We have exclusive offices that operate in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Crete, dedicated to Piraeus Bank Private Banking clients. The client assets managed by Piraeus Bank Private Banking are available to and accessible only by a limited number of the Bank’s employees.

We understand that in today’s demanding environment, it is often imperative to carry out your banking and investment transactions immediately, thus you may not have the time to meet with your Private Banker or visit a branch. For your convenience, we accept telephone orders for most of the transactions offered*.

*Excluding transactions for structured bonds, mutual funds and complex investment products that require your confirmation in writing.

Market Briefings

At Piraeus Bank Private Banking, we determine your investment strategy, formulate and manage your portfolio based on the analysis and views of the Piraeus Bank Investment Strategy Unit. Investment Advisory Service clients receive this type of information on a daily basis via email. The information provided includes selectively the latest investment strategy reports, market reports, current investment themes or precautions.

Stock Exchange Services

Piraeus Bank offers you the opportunity to carry out stock exchange transactions, buy or sell shares and other securities listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and all other major International Stock Markets. You can monitor and carry out your stock exchange transactions through your Private Banker.

Preferential Pricing

When you become a Piraeus Bank Private Banking client, you enjoy preferential pricing throughout your cooperation with us for the products and services we offer.