Wealth Solutions

Wealth Solutions is an innovative in-house operating model through which investment experts and analysts utilise their knowledge, their experience, and the knowhow of their partners all over the world on a daily basis in order to design the asset management strategy that suits you best. At the same time, through Credit Solutions and its specialised team of executives, it designs innovative funding solutions for further capitalization on your assets.

Tailor Made Discretionary Portfolios

Our unique solution for managing your assets. We investigate every investment option to ensure that your investment aspirations are met in the best possible way.

Blue Chips Discretionary Portfolios

Specialised executives use their knowledge and experience, along with the knowhow of world-wide partners, to implement the investment strategy exclusively suited to you.

Advisory Portfolio

Advisory services reflecting your needs and goals. We assess every investment opportunity in depth, ensuring the independence of the investment options we provide you with.

Piraeus Private Banking Funds

Aiming to offer our clients an experience of high standards, we are expanding our asset management solutions by creating three innovative and state-of-the-art Private Label products.

Institutional Partners

Private Banking’s specialized and experienced personnel, in collaboration with our global institutional partners, are at your disposal to help you chart the investment strategy that suits you.

Gold Investment Services

Gold-investment products and services as well as evaluation, authentication and storage services are available to you, with no limit on quantity.