Every investment strategy is unique, just like you.


Tailor Made Discretionary Portfolios

With your uniqueness in mind, we create our Tailor-Made Discretionary Portfolios just for you. This service is an innovation in the Greek market and it is the spearhead of our Private Banking services, approaching your expectations and demands in a completely tailored way.

In today’s increasingly complex and demanding financial environment, the complicated business of managing your assets is performed in cooperation with the specialised managers of Piraeus Bank Asset Management MFCM, who use a broad range of tools provided by our partners around the world to implement an investment strategy after identifying investment opportunities exclusively suited to you.

Our Tailor-Made Discretionary Portfolios are adapted perfectly to your personal preferences and allow us to shape ideas and personalised options that fully reflect your desires. Furthermore, the solutions implemented evolve in relation to current circumstances, along your more long-term investment ambitions.

Every strategy at our Tailor-Made Portfolio Management service is unique, just like you.