Sustainable Banking


At Piraeus Bank, our goal is to be a stability pillar and a growth parameter for the Greek economy. To this end, we are committed to using our products and services to support and accelerate fundamental changes in the economy, with the goal of achieving prosperity for current and future generations.

We provide additional incentives for enterprises that promote sustainable growth, and we support innovative actions.

Green Financing


Piraeus Bank focuses on green banking, providing a variety of specially designed products to cover needs of its individual customers, as well as the potential to purchase and/or renovate energy efficient homes.

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It is Piraeus Bank’s strategic choice to align its operations with the new framework being shaped internationally for sustainable banking and the sustainable development of the Greek economy. This framework emphasizes the formulation of an integrated policy that supports “green entrepreneurship” and investments in sectors associated with “green and sustainable” development, in which there are now opportunities and major prospects for growth. To this end, Piraeus Bank offers a number of specialised banking products designed for those who want to invest in clean energy or improve their business’s energy and environmental footprint.

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Agricultural sector

At Piraeus Bank, we are helping the agri-food sector meet the challenges of sustainable development. By offering tailor-made products and services – as well as through information initiatives – we endeavour to promote all three dimensions of sustainable development in the sector: economic, social and environmental. We believe that financing, in addition to covering liquidity needs, should also serve – through the appropriate characteristics – as a means of preparing the agri-food sector for a sustainable future.

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Sustainability linked loans

Piraeus Bank offers long-term financing to businesses that commit to contributing to the principal objective of the Bank’s activities, i.e. they pursue the prosperity of society and the protection of the environment while supporting a sustainable future for all.

Businesses wishing to obtain such financing have to come to an agreement with the Bank on adopting ambitious goals related to their operation and the improvement of their efficiency in the Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) sectors, or to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

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Web banking

At Piraeus Bank, we are creating a digital future that supports our strategy for growth alongside with providing value-added services for our customers.
We are investing in innovation and technology to provide digital products and services that offer benefits to our customers, our people and to society as a whole.

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