Signing up for the service winbank phone banking

Use Piraeus Bank’s winbank phone banking to carry out secure banking or stock exchange transactions over the phone (landline or mobile). You can carry out transactions 24/7 either through our call centre representatives or through the advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. To use the service you just need to be a Piraeus Bank customer and have a Piraeus Bank debit card and a phone.

Signing up for the service winbank phone banking

To sign up call from a landline or mobile:

  • Call from a landline or mobile within Greece or from abroad on +30 210 3288000, 24/7. You will be charged for a local call if you use a landline or based on the pricing policy of your mobile network operator if you use a mobile.
  • Inform the Voice IVR system for the service or topic of interest (in this case winbank phone banking).
  • Next you get connected with a winbank phone banking agent in order to accept the terms of the service.


After activating the service

  • If you are calling from a phone number you provided during registration (no hidden number), enter your personal security code (PIN *)
  • If you are calling from a different phone number, mobile or landline, enter the phone number you provided when you register and then post your personal Security Code (PIN *)

The Personal Security Code is the same as your Piraeus Bank debit card. However, if you wish, you can change it with another of your choice, who would ONLY apply for winbank phone banking service.