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The revised payment service directive (PSD2) will make electronic transactions within European Union safer and easier.

What is strong customer authentication according to the new Directive on Payment Services (PSD2)?

After the implementation of the European Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), strong customer authentication is required for conducting transactions at winbank. Strong Customer Authentication is a verification process that authenticates the user by applying at least two factors that fall under the following 3 categories.

Something that the user:

  • Knows exclusively (e.g. password or PIN)
  • Possesses (e.g. mobile device)
  • Is (e.g. use of fingerprint)

Trusted beneficiaries for faster transactions

At winbank web banking you can designate, if you wish, beneficiaries with whom you frequently and regularly transact as trustees. Beneficiaries you designate as trusted beneficiaries will no longer require strong identification when conducting a transaction, saving you more time. You can set a trusted beneficiary during the validation of a transaction through push notification at winbank mobile app or alternatively while you enter the extraPIN security code in order to authenticate the transaction.

You can set the following transactions as a “trusted beneficiary”

  • Transfer money to someone’s else account at Piraeus Bank
  • Remittances
  • IRIS 24/7 Payment
  • Payments to organizations
  • Credit card payment
  • Load a prepaid card / webuy
  • Online insurance products

From the Security Settings menu of winbank web banking and winbank mobile app, trusted beneficiaries are easily managed.