How to get the Programme “Exoikonomisi Kat’ Oikon” step-by-step

 1.   Loan and selection criteria information

Call +30 210-3288000 24/7, or visit any Piraeus Bank branch. We will immediately tell you whether you can be included in the Programme and which financial incentives you will receive.

 2.   Financial pre-approval application

The amount of the loan depends on the interventions you are planning to make and on your ability to repay the loan. Once we pre-approve you, we inform you of the supporting documents required for the Programme. We assist you in filling out the documents and we check that your file is complete. This saves you time and effort. The Programme also covers the cost of a project consultant's fee. The fee amounts to €250 (plus VAT) per flat and up to €800 (plus VAT) per block of flats.

 3.    First inspection by the Energy Inspector

 4.    Submission of application and original supporting documents to the Piraeus Bank branch 

 5.    Selection of application in principle by the Bank's central offices

 6.    Decision for inclusion in the Programme by ETEAN SA

 7.    Signing of loan agreement

 8.    Option of disbursing down payment (up to 40% of the project budget)

 9.    Performance of intervention works

10.  Second inspection by the Energy Inspector

11.  Submission of supporting documents for payment of incentives

12.  Inspection and approval of interventions by ETEAN SA

13.  Payment of incentives: interest rate subsidy, cost of interventions subsidy, payment of energy inspection costs and project consultant fee