“Exoikonomo-Anakainizo for Young”
The "Exoikonomo-Anakainizo for Young" program was designed for the purpose of supporting young people up to 39 years old to upgrade, energy-wise and aesthetically, of their main residence.
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“Exoikonomo-Anakainizo for Young”
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We will need some information about you

Select the country you live in more than 180 days per year, the citizenship and the currency in which you receive your main income and will be servicing your loan.

Country of  Residence
Income Currency
Loan amount and collateral

Fill in the amount in € you wish to receive from the bank. In case of cash collateral the collateral amount ranges from 105% to 110% of the loan amount.

Amount Loan
Loan collateral
Value of collateral (estimated in €)
Energy class of the financed property

Select the energy class of the financed property according to the relevant official certificate.

Energy Class of the Financed Property
Loan interest rate, purpose and total tenor

Select the loan interest rate, the purpose and the total tenor. Please take under consideration that borrower’s maximum age at loan maturity cannnot exceed 75years old.

Interest rate type
Fixed Interest Rate Tenor
Loan Purpose
Total Loan Tenor
Here is the the loan we propose
Loan Amount
{{new Intl.NumberFormat(_locale).format(calcResultData.LoanAmount)}} {{calcResultData.LoanCurrency}}
Installment Amount
{{calcResultData.IndicativeFloatingPeriodInstallmentAmount}} {{calcResultData.LoanCurrency}}  During the Floating Rate Period
Interest Rate*
{{calcResultData.FloatingInterestRate}}%  floating interest rate

Proposed loan product

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Floating Rate consists of base rate:



Interest Rate Spread:


Loan fees:

According to Bank's mortgage pricing list

*Plus Law 128/75 Levy:


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Useful information:

  1. The calculations are performed according to your declared data and are not binding neither consist an offer or proposision on behalf of the bank for a loan contract.
  2. The loan amount and the interest rate of the loan are indicative. The interest rate and the installment are formed upon submittion and evaluation of your loan application by the Bank in accordance with its credit policy, taking into account factors such as customers’ credit history, the collateral, the loan amount and loan duration. Find here information about possible extra interest rate charges.
  3. In case of property collateral the following insurance charges which are not included in the loan installment amount apply:
  • Mandatory property insurance against fire/earthquake hazard for insured capital equal to the reconstruction value of the property.
  • Optional Life & TPD insurance for one of the borrowers for insured capital equal to the respective outstanding capital of the loan.
  • In case you participate in the group insurance contract offered by the bank for the coverage of the above hazards, insurance premium is charged every month along with your loan installement.