Using the winbank business mobile app, you can perform your banking transactions from your mobile phone, wherever you are. The renewed winbank business mobile application was designed to meet the daily needs of your business, saving time while maintaining the highest level of security.

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Wide range of transactions

winbank business mobile app is designed to meet business needs:

  • Access of a single user to all the corporations for which he is authorized(single sign-on)
  • Home screen: Overview of recent winbank transactions and of basic corporate products at a glance
  • Show pending transactions for approval

and offers functionality and services such as:

  • Bill payments and Piraeus Bank credit cards payments
  • Business debit cards transactions
  • Transfers and remittances to domestic Banks and abroad
  • Other users’ transactions approval
  • Mobile Top Up
  • Insurance coupon
  • Issuance &Payment of e-Administrative Fee
  • Username reminder & Reissue password (new)
  • Unlock your access (new)

PSD2 Service Directive - What Changes

In order to conduct transactions at winbank business mobile app authorization is required with quick login (4digit PIN, fingerprint or FaceID at compatible devices) for every transaction.

Maximum possible security

  • You can access winbank business mobile app exclusively by fingerprint, face recognition or 4digit PIN*. Therefore, you can get advantage of the maximum possible security, since only you at your device can use the app.
  • Allowing the app’s push notifications, the extra PIN code is automatically submitted for your transactions. You only have to confirm the transaction's execution using your preferable quick login, saving time while maintaining the highest level of security.

*Depending on the capabilities of your device.

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