Design your Financial Plan

Financial Planning service assists you to develop your own personalised financial plan, helping you bring your choices into line with your financial goals in life. You work with our team at Piraeus Axia Personal Banking, who use specialist tools to prepare the plan. Over time we help you implement the plan and stick to it.

Financial Planning method

 1.    Your advisors examine:

    • Your personal balance sheet
    • Your existing portfolio
    • Your financial goals and time horizon

 2.    They develop a personalised, comprehensive financial plan.

How to use this service

Your Personal Advisor arranges 2 meetings with you, attended by the Investment Advisor:

 1.   They collect information about your financial situation

 2.   They note down your goals

 3.   They then prepare your personal financial plan which is printed out

 4.   They then discuss the plan with you

 5.   When agreement is reached, you jointly decide on the steps needed to implement it